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About Summit

A truly future view of how to ensure novel cell therapies are delivered to patients at scale & commercialized successfully

With so much opportunity and investment at stake, the commercialization of cell therapies is widely regarded as the biggest bottleneck for this industry and the potential for future setbacks when bringing a cell therapy to market are alarming. The Glybera and Dendreon case studies both present a potentially bleak image for what may lie ahead if robust commercial strategies are not in place early in development.

With still so many unanswered questions surrounding how to economically commercialize personalized cell therapies, and with no current standard or precedent set, the Future Cell Therapy Commercialization Summit will help you define your manufacturing, quality and supply chain roadmap to ensure your cell and gene therapy product meets growing patient demand.

The 3D Difference

We believe the traditional conference format is not fit for purpose particularly when trying to create novel strategies and approaches to commercialization, so we’ve ripped it up and started from scratch. When you look inside the agenda you will find three main types of session:


“The chance to share ideas with other cell therapy leaders is really exciting!” – David Lebwohl, SVP & Executive Global Program Head, Novartis

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